Castle Line

From Vandecasteele to Castle Line

How a basket conquered the world

The story of Castle Line begins with Marc and Claire Vandecasteele who, in 1976, founded a business dealing in woven baskets. Their speciality: import of materials, smart assemblies and export of a finished, refined basket. Marc and Claire very quickly built up a successful international network that extended all the way to the Far East.    

The Vandecasteeles knew the market and, with their nose for trends and design, they rapidly expanded the offer and customer base. What began with baskets, and later rattan, is today a comprehensive offer of indoor and outdoor furniture. Vandecasteele was officially renamed Castle Line several years ago, but the philosophy has remained the same. Just as in its early days, the Vandecasteele family wants to create added value. Thus, furniture and interiors with an extra touch, for customers who are looking for stylish quality.

Why choose Castle Line

The line of Castle Line

  • Belgian design

  • Continuity in service, strong partnerships
  • Focus on retail and project market
  • Creativity and added value
  • Fast delivery and large stock
Castle Line is our life´s work. Always coming up with original collections, inspiring people and getting to know new markets: that´s what we do it for.
Meet the team

We form the decor

We are the Castle Line team, a highly-motivated crew of 15 employees with a passion for design and interior. We’re there for you, day after day. Want to get acquainted?

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