Terms and conditions of sale

First order

Minimum order of €2.500 


To avoid all possible misunderstandings, we only accept orders in writing. Orders placed via our website are intended and confirmed the next working day, the other orders within 5 working days. Please check your order confirmation carefully. The goods will be delivered as described on your order confirmation.

Modifications, if any, must be notified in writing within 5 days after receiving your order confirmation.

Customer Fabric

We accept orders where we need to work with 'customers fabric' under the following conditions:

1. not all fabrics are suiteable for the FLEX chairs - therefor a test is needed, the cost for testing is 250 euro and will be invoiced. (befor we can accept the order - we will first ask you to send us 2m of fabric to our warehouse, (castle line will not accept transport or fabric costs to do the testing).

2. once the fabric is tested and approved the necessary mtrs of fabic to produce the order must be sent to our warehouse under freehouse conditions.

3. A clear label must be put on the fabric containing your address , the name of the fabric - our orderconfirmationnumber.

4. left overs can not be returned

5. delivery times starts after we received the fabric in our warehous.

6. fabrics with a specific patern are consumed in the most economic way. if needed in a specific way we should receive the specifications with the order.

7. most items are delivered KD

Free shipment

Orders of at least €1000 (Benelux) or €1250 (France, Germany, Switserland and Austria) are shipped free of charge - border costs and maut are to be payed separately.

Unless explicitly requested by the customer, we do not ship orders less than the free shipment amount. In this case a fee of €75 (Benelux) or €125 (France, Germany, Switserland and Austria) will be charged.

Direct shipment to final customers will be offered separately.

Delivery dates

Orders for FIX collection are usually delivered within 4-6 weeks of the order date.  If the item is not  in stock delivery time can move up to 12 weeks.

FLEX collection items are made on demand of the customer. Delivery time takes about 12 weeks.

All information concerning the delivery is to be found on the website with your dealer login.


Complaints, if any, must be notified in writing within 8 days after receiving the goods.

Exchanged goods, if any, are always charged. A credit note will be sent after receiving damaged goods.

Returned goods will only be accepted if they are packed in the same way as they were shipped.


Castle Line reserves the right to slightly change the articles’ size, model and colour.

Castle Line can change the prices at any time.


Payment before delivery unless other terms of payment agreed.

All orders are subject to our general terms and conditions, which are available on request.


Standard we use e-invoice sent to the given email address.